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Communication, Quality, Solutions and Partnership. These are the cornerstones of our operating approach. These are the characteristics that have allowed us to differentiate our service approach.

Millennium Corporate Solutions role within our client organizations is that of a strategic business partner. We do everything to support our clients’ business goals and objectives. Our client base is both diverse and complex.

The Millennium Corporate Solutions team is comprised of experts who specialize in working with complex employee benefits plan components. This offers realized opportunities to our clients via the close relationships and trust we have earned with insurers through the years. Our teamwork presents innovative alternatives for clients desiring a high quality program that is developed to be consistent with their own 3-5 year strategic plans. Millennium Corporate Solutions is dedicated to providing traditional brokerage and consultative solutions but distinguishes itself by providing a non-traditional solution-oriented approach in the core services we offer our clients.

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Employee Benefits Consulting Practice

Our team of experts provide our clients with guidance on all types of plan designs. This enables our clients to make more informed decisions regarding the benefits programs in place. We include benchmark analysis where appropriate. Our service includes review of the following:

  • Significant insurance carrier service issues
  • Claims experience and utilization trends
  • Financial forecast for upcoming renewal
  • Alternate Funding Arrangements including Self Insurance
  • Setting Objectives for renewal strategy
  • Support of Employee Health Management Solutions
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)
Wellness in the Workplace

Every employer has their unique set of employee demographics therefore there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” wellness plan. This is why we feel it is more accurate to encompass an overall health management strategy. Our approach follows the following strategies:

  • Early identification of health risk using effective disease management tools
  • Designing incentives that motivate change in risky behavior
  • Effectively engaging with your employees to promote educated health care consumerism
  • Ensuring employees have access to tools and information to help them make informed health related decisions
  • Coordinating Biometric Screenings
  • Employee Health Fairs
Employee Education

Employee understanding of the benefit plan options and how to get the most out of the benefit plans where significant investment has been made by our clients is paramount in our service philosophy. This philosophy is more important today in the era of a “consumer-driven” approach to health plans. The following are examples of how we partner with our clients to educate their employees:

  • Annual Open enrollment meeting coordination and support in both English and Spanish
  • We expect that a member of our staff will be present at each employee-facing meeting to ensure the accuracy of information
  • Custom and Professional Plan/Open Enrollment Material
  • Custom and Professional Employee Newsletters
  • Teleconferencing meetings with smaller off-site client locations
  • Annual Benefit Statements (Hidden Paychecks)
  • Web-based Custom Benefit Communication site
Client Advocate Services

We provide clients with timely and professional support of the entire benefit program.. Our client advocate approach encompasses our assistance with inquiries and concerns from your employees and their families. We provide a service commitment at the beginning of the plan year so that our clients can easily measure our delivery of service. Our commitments include:

  • Quarterly meetings (when necessary) with management and employees to discuss claims and billing issues
  • 800 number for employees to call for help on claims issues
  • Assistance in finding providers within the network
  • Coordinate with the insurance carriers to resolve issues
  • Bilingual Customer Service
ERISA Compliance, Affordable Care Act Support and More

Our Health and Welfare Benefit Plan compliance consulting practice is a cornerstone of our service. This is an ever-changing area and our goal is to provide our clients with a custom analysis of their obligations. We strive to provide custom documents and analysis of the responsibilities our clients have administering their entire benefits program. Our support allows our clients to work more efficiently and economically with their legal counsel to comply with the myriad of responsibilities. Our service includes assistance in the following areas:

  • ERISA Reporting Requirements-includes Summary Plan Descriptions, Plan Documents, Summary of Material Modification, Form 5500 etc.
  • HIPAA compliance-includes Business Associate Agreements, Required Disclosures and Analysis of Security Obligations
  • COBRA-Our clients are supported in this area with full outsourcing of this obligation included with one of our administration partners
  • FSA Plan Administration-another value-added service offered to our clients using one of several administration partners
  • ACA-Support and Analysis of impact of the new obligations under the Affordable Care Act. Our service includes analysis on financial impact of penalty versus offering benefits, determination of measurement and stability periods, etc.
  • Department of Labor audit assistance
Benefits Administration and Technology

Our valued clients are supported in this very key area of benefit plan administration. We offer (many included in our core service) a complete on line benefit administration and communication tool. These tools allow our clients to be more efficient and accurate in the information that is communicated to all insurance carriers involved. Some of the key features include:

  • Self-service enrollment
  • Bill reconciliation support
  • Electronic interface between HRIS systems, payroll systems and insurance companies avoiding costly errors and time related to multiple enteries
  • Easier analysis of new requirements for measurement periods including the more complicated time tracking of “variable hour employees”
  • Information is kept in a secure HIPAA compliant manner
Human Resources Compliance Support

Our HR compliance support includes a web-based HR resource tool available to all clients. Access to to our HR Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service includes (but not limited too) the following features:

  • Comprehensive library of HR-related training
  • Library of Standard business policy templates
  • State and Federal Laws
  • HR Forms and Checklists
  • eAlerts with timely notification of important law updates in the states in which you have employees
  • Monthly HR Best Practices articles and more
Success Stories
MCS Negotiations Results in Aggregate Client Savings in First Quarter 2014
In spite of sweeping changes and new fees resulting for the Affordable Care Act, our clients have saved an aggregate of $750,000 in the first quarter of 2014 in the large group medical plans we represent. This savings is based off of what the insurance company was asking for and what we were able to negotiate on behalf of the client.
MCS Claims Advocacy Results in $30,000 Claim Payment after Initially Denied
An employee of a client experienced an emergency while traveling. They were treated for a serious condition outside of the carrier network. The subsequent payment to the non-network provider resulted in a $30,000 out of pocket expense to the employee for non-covered services. In the beginning the employee attempted to handle the matter themselves without our knowledge of the situation. After becoming frustrated they complained to their HR team and we got involved. Our persistent advocacy resulted in the entire amount being paid after a 4 month process. Since we kept the provider in the loop the entire time we avoided further collection activity by the provider.
MCS helps Mid Size Employer Improve Employee Benefit Plan While Raising Deductibles
A client whose medical plan renewed in the first quarter of 2014 was facing a double digit rate increase. They felt they had no choice but to increase the deducible which was already $750. Working with one of our carrier partners, we added a catastrophic illness/accident rider which was paid by the client and combined the plan with an HRA. This allowed for the employees to be reimbursed for expenses above $500 resulting in less out of pocket for the employee. The premium to cover the rider was added to the already competitive dental premium making this approach a win for the client too.
MCS Client Passes DOL Audit of Health and Welfare Plan
In the last quarter of 2013, a client with 120 employees received a letter from the Department of Labor advising the client that their Health and Welfare plan was being audited. The audit included request from the client to produce or demonstrate their compliance with required disclosures and processes related to COBRA,HIPAA, ERISA and ACA. We worked closely with client retained counsel and were proud to learn that our assistance in the area of compliance for the last several years resulted in the client passing the audit with no penalties.

The MCS team takes the time to understand your company, your employees and your employee benefits programs. We believe collaboration is key to developing innovative and effective benefit strategies that meet your objectives, while managing costs over the long term.